Part of what makes our practice special is the ability to manage pain in addition to providing care and physical therapy. What many practices do not understand is that pain management is a great way to help people recover more quickly and without complication. Using the latest in state of the art equipment, we are able to manage pain in any area that it occurs with great levels of success.

What we have learned during out ten years of being a pain management and physical therapy clinic is that pain management is not done by a great deal of clinics. Whether it is the price of pain management or a lack of equipment, we have found that it is not often part of the protocol.

See the difference

People that have used our services have given us a great deal of feedback in the quality of their care, and all of them said that the pain management was what put us above the rest. As the body recovers, it produces a great deal of pain, which can actually hinder the recovery process. And while the body can recover while in pain, it is much easier on the patient to have their pain managed during recovery.

So join us as we revolutionize physical therapy through traditional means and state of the art pain management. There is no doubt that you will not only see the difference, but will feel like the recovery was much quicker with the use of pain management.

Managing pain

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