Medical science is evolving at such a rapid rate that there may come a time when we can be sustained by medicine far beyond the number of years that human beings actually live. Think about a future when small machines can be injected into people and essentially “clean them out”. This means unclogging arteries, killing cancerous cells, destroying dead tissue, and any number of any medical processes.

Now think about this not only being completely natural, but also inexpensive. Sure, it won’t be at first, which is a different problem, but there may be one day where any person, rich or poor can receive medical technology that keeps them going for much longer than some people would argue they “should”.

In this world

We must balance between the world of humanity and medical science. When does it become a question of whether or not we should use the technology that we developed to perhaps defy the laws of nature. There will be a heated debate on either side, and there is no simple answer to this dilemma.

It essentially becomes a choice between whether we believe that we are what our medical advancements allow us to be, or whether we are human beings that are born, live, and die in roughly 100 years or less. We live in an interesting time, and many of us may see this divide within our lifetime. Will you be a person that supports this technology or someone that believes it is a form of playing god?

What it means to be human

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