Prescription drugs have long been a debate within the medical world. On one hand, you have large pharmaceutical companies competing against each other for a share of the market, but on the other hand you have a lot of people that are unable to afford the medicine that they need. Profits are so large in the world of pharmaceuticals, that it is almost amazing to think that prices will go anywhere but up.

What this creates is a situation in which profits are so high that companies want to keep innovating new and more effective forms of drugs. Generic brands are not allowed to contain some of the same ingredients as name brand drugs, which leads to some people getting lower quality medicine than others.

A huge dilemma

The problem with drug costs being so high, is that people are not able to get medicine that they need to treat serious conditions, or in some cases, function within society. This not only leaving people with little recourse, but also putting an ethical burden on the big companies to do the ethical thing.

In a world where innovation is the prime goal rather than giving people the medicine that they need, you create a problem where companies may need to forego some of their profits in order to better serve the public.


The cost of drugs is through the roof, and the solution to the problem is not an easy one. What it will take is a change in how we view medicine and the well-being of our population moving forward.


The rising cost of prescription drugs

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